The Force of Nature

I have a very wonderful view from our office window, from which I often write and indeed, from the church itself, where we worship.  We are blessed to have lovely grounds surrounding us, planted with a variety of flowering specimens.  There are daffodils, lilacs, dogwoods, forsythia, magnolia… all taking their turns blooming.

Spring is wonderful, colorful, bright –It’s like fireworks bursting into light every single day—and it’s a privilege to watch.

It belies the fact that these blooms were just waiting to pop.

As I monitor their growth I am always taken aback by the contradiction each of these flowers represents.  For they are beautiful and, though they seem very fragile and delicate, it takes enormous power and energy to bloom.  I imagine that if we could hear them bloom, it would sound like a firecracker going off: pop, pop, pop, and a few bang, bangs here and there!

There’s enormous energy required to bloom.  We mustn’t forget that.  In this season of resurrection The Great 50 days of Easter last the whole month of May) we must not take for granted all the ‘hard work’ assumed by it.  It begins with the days in between, in between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, when we believe Jesus descends to the very pit of death, before he rises again.  This is the saving power of God bursting forth from the tomb.  Neither death nor the tomb are strong enough to hold Jesus back, and he “blooms” with the same energy of those lovely blossoms.

What a privilege to bloom again this Easter – may we continue to flower in God’s love.


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