Great Tidings of Comfort and Joy

What’s the best news you’ve had all year?

We are living in dramatic, and for many, difficult times.  Each day seems to bring one sorry news story after the next.  As many of us get our information across different types of media platforms, we are bombarded by graphic content, fake news, advertisements thinly disguised as news, hyped-up gossip called ‘infotainment’ and so forth, all demanding our attention and concern.  When it’s “all bad news all the time,” our instinct is to hide and take shelter, tune out of everything or worse, share the news of doom and gloom –because misery loves company!

Which is why I think it’s time to focus on the best news of the year.  We know the worst news stories already: the ones about ourselves, our environment, our relationships, our world.  God knows this, too.  So look for the good news, the “great tidings of comfort and joy” as the old hymn says.  While it may seem that the good news is hard to find because it is buried in the mountains of bad news, the truth is that it can be found wherever people are willing to make room for it.  So don’t tune out this holy message and try not to hide from what is happening even now.

What is the best news you’ve had all year?  It’s the best news ever:  “And the Word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son, full of grace and truth…”(John 1:14) and that’s news worth sharing!


Christmas blessings,



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