Advent Reflection

Welcome to the Season of Advent

One of the difficult things about this season is that it is a ‘both-and” season.

Here we are, squarely in the season of Advent even though the secular calendar says it’s December. December is devoted to ‘getting ready for the Holidays’ but Advent is about getting ready for Christmas. The difference is enormous: one is about as secular as can be, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with dedicating time and effort to family celebrations, to doing charity work, to reaching out to loved ones near and far.

Preparing for Christmas, for the birth of Jesus, is a completely different affair. The focus is on preparing to receive the gift from God, his only Son. It is more about clearing out our spiritual cobwebs than about having the right decorations about the house. It is about setting aside time for self-examination, reflection and prayer. Once our spiritual home is ready, the Christ comes bearing gifts of peace, hope, joy, good will, and love. None of these gifts can be purchased anywhere, but they can be claimed as followers of Jesus.

How will you spend the time between now and the 25th? In holiday preparations or in Advent? Maybe a little of both. The invitation is there for us to invest more in one, Advent, rather than spending more on the other, the holidays. Try it, you may be surprised at how much more you get out of the season.

Always, in Christ,



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