The congregation is friendly and welcoming. I’ve been attending this church for years and always feel at home when I walk through the doors.

Amanda Mistick

“I ended up here. I ended up in a beautiful church, filled with beautiful people who accepted me and all my crazy. I made a home here. This was the place I came to, as often as I could, to remember my faith. I couldn’t make it every Sunday because of my work schedule, but there wasn’t judgement. A simple “Make it when you can” was what I heard… I came to a place where I could build my faith up again. Where I could feel safe to ask questions and explore my beliefs. For me, this church was the highlight of coming to New Jersey. I’m going to carry a spot in my heart for this place and for everyone here forever. So thank you. Thank you all for being a part of my faith story. “

Tiffany Lent